The Rise Of Functional Designers

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In a previous post, I explained my point of view of why user experience needs to precede user interface when planning the development of a new mobile app (click here to read the article). This article will follow up to discuss the latest trend of functional design; a topic that relates to how designing apps […]

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Chronicles Of A Software Tester Vol.1

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In today’s world, we rely heavily on software in various daily interactions. Some of those interactions are easy to identify, others not so much. One (hopefully) common factor in all software we use on a daily basis, is reliability. By software I am not only talking about our social apps, games and other computer applications, [...]

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An Introduction To Growth Hacking

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What is growth hacking? how does someone hack growth? The answer is very simple to write down, yet horrendously challenging to implement. You hack your own growth by building a product that people want to use. After you finished building that product, you make sure that you continue to optimize it, cater to your users [...]

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5 reasons to plan UX before UI

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In today’s digital world, the terms UI and UX (user interface and user experience) are used frequently and interchangeably. It is safe to say that the distinction between both has been fairly discussed, explained and digested. This post is aimed at discussing the notion of product development that starts with the user experience at its core [...]

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